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#include "config.h"

/*** lib/usage.c:  Output a help message (from help.h). ***/
usage P1C(const_string, str)
  fprintf (stderr, "Try `%s --help' for more information.\n", str);
  uexit (1);

/* Call usage if the program exits by printing the help message.
   MESSAGE is an NULL-terminated array or strings which make up the
   help message.  Each string is printed on a separate line.
   We use arrays instead of a single string to work around compiler
   limitations (sigh).
usagehelp P2C(const_string*, message, const_string, bug_email)
  if (!bug_email)
    bug_email = "ptex-staff@ml.asciimw.jp";
  while (*message) {
    fprintf(stdout, "%s\n", *message);
  fprintf(stdout, "\nEmail bug reports to %s.\n", bug_email);

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